Closing Notice

Closing Notice
Closing Notice2019-11-20T19:51:25+00:00

Well, folks, it is time to hit the reset button, I have decided to close The Bloom’n Cow. This decision was as much personal as it was business and I am not sure what the spring will hold for us, but I do know the last eight years were beyond any of my expectations. I have met so many wonderful,
interesting, creative, kind, generous and spirited old souls; you will not be forgotten as you all have all enriched my life greatly. It has been a privilege getting to know your families and watch your children grow into young adults. Thank you for your amazing commitment to the community and local business. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to our customers, friends, families, and supporters. I especially want to thank the incredible young people who have worked with us over the years; I could not have done it without you! Smart, bright, motivated, hardworking, responsible, kind and respectful, and you all make better waffle cones than I do! I love you all. You will and are already making the world a better place!
A huge round of love and thanks to my dear friends who were there to scoop in the cold, rain, heat and mud, who were there to paint, scrub floors, move large objects, provide comic relief and support me when I needed it the most, Linda, Gina, Laura, Ruth, Debbie, Walter, Abby and Jason, and a special thanks to Eric Chinburg and Dave.
And from a mother’s heart, I thank my two kids, Nick, for providing the creative and culinary genius behind our products, he set the standards high from the beginning, standards that gave you great ice cream and nondairy options. His work ethic and dedication are unmatched. Not to mention he can fix ANYTHING that broke! Allison, who believed in my dream from day one, her never-ending enthusiasm and encouragement, spending countless hours scooping at the shops and events, coming up with the name,
and teaching me how to scoop,! My siblings, Joe, who always reminded me we make great ice cream and I should not be shy about being proud of our product! And my sister Susan, offering up her accounting and business wisdom helped me out more than a few times! This was truly a family operation.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or want to dispel any gossip etc., please PM me on the Bloom’n Cow- Newmarket Facebook page. I will post the final schedule soon. We still have ice cream available so stop by!

Newmarket Final Hours

Wednesday 11/20: 5-9pm

Thursday 11/21: Closed

Friday 11/22: 2-9pm

Saturday 11/24: 12-8pm

Wednesday 12/4: 12-9pm

Thursday 12/5: 12-8pm

Friday 12/6: 12-9pm

Saturday 12/7: 12-9pm

Rochester Final Hours

Thursday 11/21: Closed

Friday 11/22: 12-8pm

Saturday 11/23: 12-8pm

Monday 11/25: 12-6pm

Friday 11/29: 12-8pm

Saturday 11/30: 12-8pm